BMI Finalcial Group

Web-based Platform for Insurance Agents and Customers.

Projects: User Interface and User Experience development, CSS, Html, Graphics.

Testimonial / Customer Feedback:

Hugo Hernandez
BMI Financial Group, Inc.

BMI hosts several websites, each of them representing a specific line of business or a specific country or a specific geographical region. There is one “special” website called BMIPortal which, as its name suggests it features a set of services intended for clients, sales agents, and service providers: All countries; all regions; all lines of business. That Portal was five years old when we decided to bring Mr. Alfredo C. (AKA Alfredo from KUBILABS) on board to evaluate the site and to propose the necessary modifications, improvements, and modernizations. We asked Alfredo to “think outside the box”, and so he did.

No need to mention that five years in web design and development is like a century; to make things a little bit harder for Alfredo, during that time many new functionalities had been implemented in the Portal which translated into more pages to review and a more complicated navigation plan to redesign.

Alfredo used a very methodical and structured approach to his work without affecting promptness regarding meeting all project datelines. Per our request, he delivered two separate proposals (or phases): One first proposal including everything that should and could be done immediately using that same existing old platform in order to improve the end user experience; and then a second proposal redesigning the whole website from scratch, using a more modern template; a totally different CSS set, and a new approach to navigation with the goal of shorten and optimize every single dialog and menu item.

The original website had been developed by analysts/programmers with exceptional knowledge of the business, and also with remarkable programming skills, but not too well-versed or experienced on advanced web design. Alfredo was able to work with those programmers and make them fill enthusiastic about all the changes. Alfredo also provided examples and case studies for all of his recommendations in the form of suggested templates, CSS set, and fonts, HTML scripts, etc. This was a very important factor to get the developers on board.

Both phases were successfully implemented and Alfredo made himself available for questions and support if needed. Both phases received overwhelming positive feedback and have noticeably increased traffic as well as business leads across all company business units.

I strongly recommend Alfredo and his team to anyone looking for professional services in the field of web development.

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