We love solving design, technology, and marketing challenges that help propel our client's success to their next level!

We started KUBI LABS with the goal of creating a company truly centered on human behavior.

KUBI LABS is focused on the complete customer journey and helping our clients understand the most relevant ways to reach their audience. Whether it’s digital, traditional, social, mobile, marketing, point of sale, video, etc – we specialize in understanding your business and recommending the most responsible and cost-effective ways to achieve your goals.

We’ve blended over 15 years of professional design & software development experience to create a digital studio that emphasizes both the look & functionality of each project. We are strong believers in maintaining a hands on approach. From the initial meeting to final launch, every aspect of our projects are handled by our team. It builds accountability, consistency and most importantly, trust.

We want to ensure that our clients are ready for the modern consumer by creating all of the necessary components to thrive as a brand. Our belief is that branding and marketing are more than just words, websites, and campaigns – it’s how interacting with a brand makes you feel.

We are KUBI


Alfredo Cubillos

KubiLabs CEO


Jonathan Torres

KubiLabs CTO


Fred Rueda

Mobile Developer

Jorge Kubilabs

Jorge Romero

Full Stack Developer


Dayan Betancourt

Frontend Developer


Dulayne Rosales

Frontend Developer


Andrea Rincon

Human Resources


Dayana Torres

Graphic Designer


Felipe Pereira

Graphic Designer


Sandra Carvalho

Community Manager

Why choose KUBI LABS services?

  • The best way to serve our clients is to advocate for their end users.
  • Simpler is usually better.
  • Form and function don’t compete; they complement.
  • “Internal politics” is not a good reason to make bad decisions.
  • Reinventing the wheel is seldom a good use of time and money.
  • Technology isn’t always the answer. Sometimes you’ve got to fix the work flow.
  • The details matter.


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